More digitization does not mean less university!
The temporary closure of the university due to the Corona Pandemic has shown that online teaching can work well. We demand that the achievements of the last months are maintained and expanded!
Concretely we demand:
– A varied, multimedia-based education in the form of interactive live lectures (and their recordings), educational videos, podcasts and hybrid lectures.
– The free availability of all necessary learning materials as digital resources and the permanent expansion of licenses for online databases in order to be able to learn outside of the university.
– The relaxation of attendance requirements for courses.

Affordable studies! The life money balance.
The university must be open to everyone, regardless of their financial situation!
Therefore we demand:
– Parent-independent, sufficiently high BAföG.
– Immediate abolition of administrative fees.
– No introduction of long-term or second degree fees.
– No reallocation of costs for teaching and learning materials to students.

Everybody needs a home! And in such a way that after deduction of rent there is still enough left to live on!
Therefore we demand:
– Fast creation of affordable and liveable student housing on the Campus² Saarbrücken and Homburg.
– Construction of barrier-free and family-friendly apartments.
– The renovation and modernization of the existing dormitories in SB and HOM.

We are mobilizing!
Mobility plays an important role for students. Whether to get to university in the morning, to the city in the evening or to the countryside over the weekend, many students can’t afford the necessary car.
Therefore we demand:
– Continuation of the campus shuttle between SB and HOM.
– Semester ticket for the grand region, as well as the extension to Rhineland-Palatinate.
– Maintaining the solidarity model with the aim of having free public transport.
– Improvement of the connection to the university, especially from rural areas.

Create student workspaces!
A self-determined study includes deciding for yourself where and when you learn.
We demand:

– Individual workstations and communal workrooms that are accessible at all times, as well as recreational rooms with no obligation to consume, which must be considered with every new building and renovation.
– A standardized online room booking system for all lecture halls and seminar rooms at the university.

Make UdS Green Again!
Climate change is one of the most urgent problems of our time. The universities play a special role as a place of education.
We explicitly demand:
– The climate neutrality of the university until 2030.
We propose the following measures to achieve this goal:
– That the UdS, the SULB as well as the Studentenwerk (sic!) obtain their energy from 100% renewable energies.
– To consider energy efficiency in new buildings and renovations.
– To increase the vegetarian and vegan food offer in the refectories (min. 50%).
In terms of CO2 savings, traffic plays a key role. This can only be achieved through a real traffic turnaround.
For this we demand:
– Sufficient and good bicycle parking spaces on the university grounds.
– That both university locations become car-free.
– The expansion of electric charging stations in the parking garages and on the campus².
– A better connection of the university locations to public transport.
– The gradual conversion of the university’s vehicle fleet to electric or hydrogen cars.
– That business trips are made by train or public transport and not by plane.
– CO2 compensation for unavoidable business trips by plane.
The university must also incorporate the aspect of sustainability and ecology into its courses.
Therefore we demand:
– The introduction of an interdisciplinary compulsory elective subject that deals with the issues of sustainability and climate change.
– The implementation of a paper-saving university bureaucracy.

Lohel stays!
No Homburg without our book father. Lohel has supported the university and its students* throughout the ages. Now it is time to support the bookstore in these difficult times. We demand that the bookstore be financially supported as much as possible by the University of Saarland in case of bankruptcy.

Plunder the piggy bank! – for a fully financed full university
The discussion about savings potential and an almost unique investment backlog for decades is obvious to every student during his or her daily campus life.
Therefore we demand:
– A broad-based and fully financed study program – broad-based teaching instead of pure top-level funding. Combined with more teaching staff.
– The renovation of all university buildings.
– A university master plan of the state government to make Saarland an attractive location for science and research in the future.

For a diverse, international and family-friendly campus
A university lives from the different personal backgrounds of its students. Any kind of discrimination has no place at the university and discrimination must be fought in a united front!
Therefore we demand:
– Gender-neutral toilets in every building of the university on the Saarbrücken and Homburg campuses.
– Commitment of the university to the equality of LGBTQI people. – Promotion of women in science.
– An accreditation process of student associations on campus.
– No exam dates on high religious holidays.
– A mentoring program for students with a flight biography.
– A support of the project Refugee-Law-Clinic Saar e.V. and StudentsWelcomeRefugees from the university.
We are committed to the international orientation of our university. We would like to continue to support the international orientation of the university in the future and further expand the international range of courses.
In concrete terms we demand:
– Expansion of the network of partner universities (especially in the area of English-language degree programs) to strengthen international mobility.
– A guaranteed place in a hall of residence for international students.
– Expansion of the teaching of intercultural skills within the study program.
– Trilingualism in everyday university life.
– Expansion of the range of services offered by the Language Center.
Having a family should not be an additional burden during your studies.
To support young families we demand:

– Rest rooms for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
– Expansion of childcare facilities on campus, as well as work rooms suitable for children.
– Planning security in the study and clinic section in medicine.
– Expansion of networking opportunities for parents.
– Expansion of counselling services for students with children.

Democratization of the university
The fact that female professors generally have an absolute majority of the votes in university committees is patronizing and outdated. Participation in academic and student self-administration must be attractive for students. Therefore we demand:

– Introduction of a one-third parity in all committees of academic self-administration.

– Reduction of the terms of office of the committees of academic self-administration to 2 years.

– Financial compensation for student representatives in university committees.
– Transparency in the delegation of student members in such committees

Give student assistants a voice!
The work area of the student assistants at the university is the only area without its own employee* representation. For us fair work is one of the most important areas of our political work.
We demand:
– A representation of the student assistants by the staff council for the academic staff with active and passive voting rights in staff council elections.
– Negotiations on a uniform collective agreement for student assistants.
– A continuous de-limitation of employment contracts of student employees in the administrative area.
– A minimum wage of at least 12 Euro for student assistants

Against precarious working conditions in the academic mid-level faculty
The scientific sector is considered one of the most precarious areas of the working world due to the active practice of fixed-term contracts and insufficient opportunities for advancement. We advocate an amendment of the German law on temporary contracts for scientists at the federal level. We also see further potential for action at Saarland and university level.
We demand:
– A voluntary commitment of the university to a minimum term of 2 years for research positions from main funds.
– A voluntary commitment of the university to the removal of time limits on teaching positions.
– Expansion of junior professorships and an improvement in the economic situation of private lecturers.

Campus can culture!
A campus university is a condensed space full of ideas and creativity, which holds incredible potential. Culture on campus facilitates encounters between students, offers high-quality leisure time potential alongside studies and provides mutual development opportunities for science and art. However, campus culture does not develop on its own, but needs people with ideas and institutions that support it. That is why we demand the provision of rooms and resources for cultural groups!