We, the Juso HSG Saar & Independent, are running for the 69th Student Parliament election with the aim of shaping a progressive and inclusive higher education policy that serves the interests and needs of students.

Our common vision is to make Saarland University a place of vibrant exchange, critical thinking, and social responsibility. We firmly believe that education is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all, regardless of their social background, gender, ethnic identity, or sexual orientation. We advocate for an equitable educational landscape that provides equal opportunities and support to all students.

As Juso HSG Saar & Independent, we see ourselves as the voice of students and advocate for their interests. We stand for a transparent and democratic university structure in which students are actively involved in decision-making processes. We aim to create a platform where all students can contribute their concerns and ideas to jointly develop the university.

Our policy is based on the principles of social justice, sustainability, and solidarity. We advocate for a sustainable university that takes ecological responsibility and promotes environmentally friendly measures. We support fair working conditions for all university members and strive for fair compensation for student assistants. Furthermore, we aim to promote diversity and create a discrimination-free learning environment on campus.

We invite all students to actively participate in our political work and join us in shaping a vibrant and future-oriented higher education policy. Together, we can achieve positive changes and transform Saarland University into a place of learning, innovation, and societal responsibility.

Better Education for All:

After investing significant funds and efforts to establish digital teaching infrastructure during the lockdown, our university must not regress. All events should allow all students to participate hybridly, meaning digitally and in person. Unfortunately, this often fails due to the lack of technological competence among instructors. We demand training to enhance digital skills to address this issue.

Postponing exam dates two weeks before the scheduled date or not announcing them at all has become an everyday occurrence for many students. We demand that exam dates be firmly established in the first week of the semester.

Studying at an international university but not being able to communicate with fellow students? Language courses can provide a solution, but in many programs, they need to be taken in addition to the workload of a full-time study. The obligation to take language courses should be part of the study requirements for internationality. We demand that language courses be included as free credit points in every program!

Saarland University is a comprehensive university, and it should remain so. Therefore, musicology and all other degree programs must be preserved!

Financial Independence:

Many students are in a financially precarious situation, especially after a year of high inflation and rapidly increasing energy costs. The university and the state government must do everything possible to alleviate this burden.

Students should also have access to a more affordable Germany-wide ticket. We advocate for a nationally standardized solution that allows all students to purchase a 49 Euro ticket at a reduced price, ensuring a solidarity model is maintained.

Currently, students pay an administrative fee to the university every semester without any transparency regarding its use. This contribution should be completely abolished; we should not have to finance the university’s administration.

Furthermore, the state government must provide full funding for the Student Services organization to prevent continuous increases in cafeteria and housing prices!

Newly built student residences by private providers are often unaffordable for students. We demand more student residences under the administration of the Student Services organization and a rent cap for student dormitories!

Viva la Mensa:

Thousands of students eat in our university’s cafeterias every day, so they should provide the best possible options for the majority of students.

The menu should appeal to as many students as possible, which is why at least two vegan dishes should be included in the meal plan.

To ensure that more students have time to avail themselves of the cafeteria’s offerings, the opening hours should be extended until 6 pm in the cafeteria café, and warm meals should be available until then as well.

The menus should be more transparent and include pictures of dishes to assist with food selection. Considering the necessity of winter aid for financially needy students, it should continue to be available. Additionally, a simple dish (without additives) consisting of potatoes or rice should be offered to accommodate allergen-sensitive individuals, and this meal should be offered at the lowest possible price.

Moreover, the cafeteria should reduce its food waste.

Reviving Homburg:

The Homburg campus should provide a more pleasant learning environment for students. Therefore, we advocate for more study spaces, so the library no longer remains the only retreat.

We advocate for more power outlets in all buildings to provide flexibility in choosing study spaces.

Additionally, we demand that the cafeteria in Homburg be improved from the ground up, and more AStA (General Students‘ Committee) events should take place on the Homburg campus.

Rethinking Campus:

Having good study and workspaces on campus is essential for successful studies. Therefore, we demand more seats at the university. A reliable internet connection is also a crucial component of a good workspace, so Eduroam must finally become reliable!

Coffee is the most popular „pick-me-up“ for students, and it must remain affordable. To support the environment, reusable cups should be refillable at vending machines.

Making payments easy: The student ID should be accepted at the campus market and iCoffee, and it should also be possible to top it up via bank transfer.

The campus has poor connectivity, especially at night. We advocate for better public transportation connections to the campus.

Mental Health:

The Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center (PPB) has increasingly long waiting times. This is unacceptable for an institution that should provide acute assistance. Therefore, it must be urgently expanded.


We advocate for equal rights and equal treatment of all students.

Some students currently have no access to restrooms, which is why we demand unisex toilets in every building.

Changing one’s name, whether for transgender or married students, should be a straightforward process. Currently, the university administration is resisting this change by all means, and that needs to change!

Furthermore, we demand equal representation in examination committees, as all-male examination committees for legal state exams have been proven to negatively impact women’s evaluations. A 2018 study commissioned by the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia demonstrated this.

International students, in particular, struggle with language barriers. Therefore, we advocate for a general bilingual approach (German and English) at the university, including notices, websites, and job advertisements.

Support for Working-Class Students:

Educational opportunities should not depend on one’s family background. Students from all income levels should have equal rights and opportunities to study at Saarland University.

The university should work to reactivate scholarships and generate more mentorship programs.

Student Assistants:

Student assistants need to be fairly paid according to collective bargaining agreements. Additionally, they need a works council to enhance their bargaining power and address issues.

More weed on campus🥦(*)

Bicycles should have priority over cars on campus. Buses should not be obstructed by illegal parking. Therefore, we demand that the campus becomes a bicycle zone, following the model of the Nauwieser Viertel.

Especially during the summer, studying outdoors is highly beneficial. We advocate for the establishment of more outdoor learning and working spaces. Furthermore, green areas should not only be maintained but also expanded.

Moreover, we call for the Saarland to become a model region for the planned legalization of cannabis, and we look forward to student-organized Cannabis Social Clubs.
*(click here if you want to know why the broccoli)

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